Stock Electronics is part of the 4e company which provide a quality service focusing on short-run, high-tech or complex build, assembly and testing of electronic equipment.  We have a long history providing  clients with specialist manufacturing solutions for technology products in highly regulated sectors such as medical, defence, aerospace and auto sports.  We are very happy to support pre-production and prototyping which fills the gaps for our clients between development and full-production runs.

Our expertise has been in-house for over 20 years.  During this time we have built many exciting, leading edge products.  Among their number is a medical device which has revolutionised the use of keyhole surgery for conditions not previously suited to keyhole.

We have built prototypes across many industries, including automotive and HVAC (heating and ventilation).  We have a suite of our own tried and tested controllers which are used by many companies in the HVAC industry.

Please visit our 4e website https://4e-technology.co.uk/